A procession viewed from several angles, 2020. Performance. 15 minutes. Conservatoire Pierre Barbizet, Marseille. Within the framework of Manifesta 13, PAC, Art-Cade Gallery, and the exhibition Liminal, at the invitation of Flore Saunois.

A performance of sculptural-musical objects, inspired by minimalist musics and Japanese gagaku. Arising from a fascination for the musical object, this performance suggests new forms for musical practices. This performance moves between architectural, sculptural, and musical materials, playing with the ornamental sounds and architectures of the conservatory.

Une performance d’objets sculpturaux-musicaux, s’inspirant de musiques minimalistes et du gagaku japonais. Découlant d’une fascination pour l’objet musical, cette performance suggère de nouvelles formes de pratiques musicales. Jouant avec les sons et les architectures ornementaux du conservatoire, la performance opère des déplacements entre les matériaux architecturaux, sculpturaux, et musicaux.

Performers : Lucas Cero, Lucian Moriyama, Simon Schadwinkel, Cyprien Schaffner, Etta Wunsch

False Trumpet, 2020. Scagliola (plaster, pigments), accordion reeds. 38 x 28 x 12 cm.

Aulos, 2020. Scagliola (plaster, pigments), oboe reeds. Each flute 42 x 2 x 2 cm.

Masks (pink and blue), 2020. Scagliola (plaster, pigments), accordion reeds, plastic tubes. 23 x 15 x 10 cm.